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in need-based SCHOLARSHIP since 2020

Our Scholarship Program

Holberton Puerto Rico Scholarship Fund

The Holberton Puerto Rico Scholarship Fund was established at the Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Community Foundation) in 2020 by Holberton Puerto Rico which is a software development school, to provide complementary scholarships to students who due to their situation financial institutions need supplemental financing to pursue the career of their dreams.

What We Have Achieved



Thanks to donations to our scholarship fund we can proudly say that to date we have awarded up to 85K to students in need.



We have awarded scholarships of up to 8K to 16 students in need, our goal is to help as many students as possible.



The scholarships awarded have helped every student to focus on what's important and successfully complete their studies.



100% of the students who have benefited from our scholarship fund have obtained a competitive jobs.



The average salary among working students is 60K per year, which represents an improvement in their finances and quality of life.

Career Success

Photographer Jr. Software Developer at Lockheed Martin

Waiter Software Engineer at Holberton PR

Bank Teller Jr. Software Developer at Lockheed Martin

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Benefits of Being a Donor

Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico is a philanthropic organization with a 35-year history of collaboration with donors and communities. It is the first of its kind in the Caribbean and Latin America and the only one of its kind in Puerto Rico. It holds the 1101.01 status from the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code, and the 501 (c) (3) certifications from the United States Internal Revenue Code.